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Published on October 1, 2015

A Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.Tripp

Mark Tripp, DDS completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Western Ontario in 1997 then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina for a two-year General Practice Residency training program at Carolina’s Medical Center. Dr. Tripp is now the owner of four practices in North Carolina and became a Straine client in 2014.

Challenge: Dr. Mark Tripp partnered with a practice management group for ten years and realized his practice needs were no longer being met and decided to hire Straine instead, “We wanted to focus on revenue growth, policy development and team enhancement. We also were in search of assistance with management structure and organization at a higher level of practice ownership and partnership. Furthermore, we had a great brand and logo that we wanted some expertise with development, propagation and dissemination.” Straine Senior Consultant Paul Smith recognized the importance of establishing a management structure with Dr. Tripp’s four locations and four owners, “We were able to launch The LandMark Way by taking what each location excelled at and introducing those attributes with the other locations. Getting multiple practices to embrace the mission and adopt a centralized culture is always challenging yet the leadership of this group made the task achievable.”

Solution: At the time of Dr. Tripp’s engagement with Straine Consulting their practices were growing and expanding into a multi-location entity, “In our short relationship with Straine we have been able to formalize office policies and protocols and have initiated the process of creating a repeatable model and a LandMark University for all future locations and teams to train from. We have implemented Straine reporting tools and reports to create a forward thinking philosophy to assist with schedule management and achievement of daily production goals. We have had an increase in our monthly revenues and overall team engagement in recognizing and achieving daily goals.” “Our recommendations to an owner with multiple locations are actually very similar to those of a solo practices,” Paul Smith explains, “A management structure is needed along with a management system must be in place to guide the team so the work needed and feedback tools must be in place so that multiple offices can be monitored even when the owners are not present. We designed Dr. Tripp’s feedback tools to focus more on the future rather than the past, strong organizations must be proactive and not reactive in nature.” Paul says as a result of Dr. Tripp and his team’s commitment, they have seen significant growth which has included the hiring of two new associates and the group is looking to expand to more locations in 2016.

Results: Dr. Tripp is wholeheartedly embracing Straine’s recommendations and as a result is enhancing productivity and profitability through the use of dynamic relationship development, “Straine services have created additional vision and goal planning for me as a doctor and team leader. The performance management philosophy of Straine has had a positive impact on the team as they are more engaged in the daily operations and the success of the practice as well as the success of optimal care provided to our patients. Our productivity has improved and our total revenue has increased in the first six months of engagement with Straine. Straine also has a significant pool of resources and access to adjunctive services to help manage our expenses, insurance reimbursement, software management and patient communication. All designed to improve the net profit of the practice…and also Kerry Straine is a cool guy and the number one dental consultant in the universe!”

Mark Trip, DDS
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