Straine Industry Icon — Megan Graham, DDS — Milwaukee, WI

Published on October 26, 2015

Maggie Graham - 10-06-15A Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

Dr. Megan E. Graham and the Lake Park Dental team are known for providing high-quality dental care with the utmost compassion to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin community. Dr. Graham is proud that her practice offers a wide variety of services and considers it “green” as it has replaced paper charting and records with electronic software, chemical x-rays with digital ones and sterilized instruments instead of disposable ones whenever possible to ensure a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles for her patients. Making the decision to develop her practice to its fullest potential, Dr. Graham hired Straine Consulting in 2014 after attending a seminar where Kerry Straine was the keynote speaker.

Dr. Graham says, “After purchasing my practice I realized that I needed to improve the foundation and structure before I could even begin to think about achieving my goals.  I bought out a very small practice and we were going through growing pains. I was feeling out staff, letting people go, hiring replacements and trying to establish a feeling of stability for my patients and the new team. I knew in order to take my practice to the next level I needed help from an expert. I heard Kerry lecture and very much enjoyed his energy and philosophy on practice growth.”

Dr. Graham liked that Straine introduced an organized and systems-driven environment, “With the help of Straine Consultant Mike Hitt and Business Development Coach Suki Kaur we began with developing and implementing a financial policy and incentive/bonus plan. We were then able to monitor our growth with daily and weekly tools.”

“Dr. Graham was very limited in her ability to grow as the practice she purchased only offered two treatment rooms,” says Mike Hitt. “Our challenge was to create maximum patient flow through the hygiene department to ensure Dr. Graham could grow and establish a profitable patient base. There was no room for error or inefficient systems.”  Mike says they had to start by monitoring the progress and making an effort to meet goals by design as opposed to by chance, “We started at the ground floor and established the Lake Park Dental Management System. We ensured that the daily huddle, weekly staff meeting and monthly training sessions are used as opportunities to discuss the challenges in the schedule as well as how to overcome them. We have seen tremendous growth in all aspects of the practice in less than a year. Dr. Graham’s collections are up 39% over last year and production is up 20%. Dr. Graham quickly out-grew her current facility and is awaiting the completion of her dream practice with a move-in date before the end of the year.”

Even though tracking their numbers in relation to their goals on a consistent basis was new to Dr. Graham and the Lake Park Dental Team, the results have been beyond rewarding, “Not only has it incentivized and reenergized the team by watching production grow and accounts receivables go down, it has helped us create a much more organized and sustainable daily schedule, which is less stressful, and with better flowing days. We have regular training and coaching calls with our coach Suki and our consultant Mike to keep us accountable and on track. They offer ongoing solutions and suggestions to streamline our activity. It was a lot of change and a lot of work, but in just over one year I have found their help invaluable.” Dr. Graham says she’s seen her practice grow along with her leadership skills, “I am more structured and organized. I think employees deserve that stability in a boss and I am happy to offer them that environment. Having tangible goals and mile markers is huge.”

Megan Graham, DDS
Lake Park Dental
2532 East Belleview Place
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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