Straine Industry Icon — Peter K. Cocolis, Jr., DMD, MAGD — Springfield, VA

Published on March 26, 2015

CocolisA Straine Industry Icon possesses the drive to achieve results, the ability to take initiative, skills in collaboration and teamwork and the ability to lead teams.

When Dr. Peter Cocolis was 10 years old, he knew that becoming a dentist was in his future.  “As a child I appreciated how approachable my dentist was and how he used technology to help people; in 2005 my childhood dream became a reality when I opened a dental practice in Springfield, Virginia.”  Since opening his practice, Dr. Cocolis has been nominated “Best Dentist In America” and the Washington Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine have recognized him as “Best Dentist In The Metropolitan Area.”

Prior to engaging with Straine Consulting in 2013, Dr. Cocolis was proud of his dedicated team.  Yet he felt he lacked the ability to clearly define and communicate his vision and mission.  “I reached many of my goals,” Cocolis recalls, “yet I kept thinking ‘What’s next?’”  “I started feeling pressure from the economy and realized I needed help in order to make some changes within my practice.  I wanted to be clear about specific changes I wanted to make and learn how to best communicate them to my staff as they had been doing an amazing job.  It was time to improve my leadership skills and communicate the direction I wanted to take my practice.”

Straine Consultant Sean Feeney says the first step was to clarify Dr. Cocolis’ vision.  “We spent a lot of time with Dr. Cocolis and his team on understanding the vision and how to communicate it effectively to their patients,” Feeney says.  “Dr. Cocolis embraced our coaching on setting goals, prioritizing his expectations, and communicating his goals and expectations to his team.  Dr. Cocolis also learned how to interpret our key performance indicators on a regular basis.”

Dr. Cocolis agrees that communication and structure were essential to overcoming his challenges.  “Sean Feeney helped me bring my vision and mission to life as a result of developing predictable systems and policies,” he says.  “Additionally, Lee Ann Burke, our Practice Development Coach is passionate about training my team on new protocols and equipping them to take it up a notch.  It’s been very beneficial for us to have Straine’s coaching and training as we implement new processes.  I’ve learned how to define my goals better and my team is willing to provide feedback about the changes being made.”

Even with his associate on maternity leave in 2013, Dr. Cocolis increased his production by over $200,000.  “We have taken a big step forward since engaging Straine,” he says.  “Even when we were down a provider, we were still able to maintain production and there’s also been an increase in hygiene patients.  As our communication skills continue to improve, we speak openly with our patients about the importance of oral cancer screenings.  We use Velscope on new and continuing care patients in addition to basic screenings.  We diagnosed one patient with oral cancer and we are happy to announce he is alive and well.”

Dr. Cocolis is excited for the future and embraces change now.  “Owning a successful business is an ongoing process of setting goals and achieving them,” he says. “I’m thrilled that this is exactly what we are doing!”

Peter K. Cocolis, Jr., DMD, MAGD
5803 Rolling Road, Suite 211
Springfield, VA 22152

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