Straine-On-Success — Doing More with Fewer Wires

Published on December 29, 2014

Doing More With Fewer Wires

Going Wireless Today

  • Network access throughout your office
  • Isolated, secure Internet access for patients
  • Web based applications, such as patient education
  • Thin client applications

Go to any dental trade show and you’ll be flooded with signs and images that include iPads, tablets and laptops. Even the simple toothbrush has half a dozen iPhone apps dedicated to it. Wireless and mobile devices are a boon for dentistry, and dentistry will evolve and progress in a more wireless world just as other healthcare sectors have.

In fact, the dental industry is now poised to see more devices and solutions specifically designed for wireless networks, just as the medical industry saw in the last decade. Look no further than your Dentrix software for proof. Your practice management solution is now available on mobile and wireless devices. Many practices already love the ease and efficiency that Dentrix Mobile brings to practice management. And wireless and mobile technology can be good for business.

For instance, could your noontime patient demographics shift more toward working professionals if your waiting room had secure Wi-Fi Internet access? You could also save money in the long run if you eliminate individual data plans for each multiple wireless device that doesn’t leave your office, such as iPads or tablets. Certainly patient check-in and patient education available from anywhere in your office are two clear winners with wireless technology.

Henry Schein TechCentral Offers Affordable, High-Performance Wi-Fi

High-performance, secure Wi-Fi is becoming a critical component of a dental practice’s IT infrastructure. That’s why earlier this year, Henry Schein TechCentral began offering an innovative line of Wi-Fi solutions from Ruckus Wireless.

As new mobile technologies are introduced in dental offices, a solid Wi-Fi network that can support all the operations of a practice, including data and video, is critical. TechCentral’s new wireless offering delivers a unique combination of speed, reliability and ease of use within a highly cost-effective package.

Ruckus solutions serve thousands of customers in the dental and healthcare markets. Ruckus knows the challenges these practitioners face in bringing affordable, manageable, ultra-reliable Wi-Fi to their offices. Quite often, practices are frustrated by the lack of a strong, reliable wireless signal throughout the entire office space. Any time there is a concentration of lab equipment or electronics in clinics and dental practices, there is some level of wireless interference. And walls and floor designs don’t help. Wireless signal can literally “hit the wall,” limiting wireless range and signal strength.

As a result, Wi-Fi in care-provider facilities has been unpredictable and unreliable. That impacts a practice’s ability to deliver the highest quality, most efficient patient care.

Ruckus’s ZoneFlex smart Wi-Fi systems remove the unpredictability from Wi-Fi so offices of all sizes can make the transition to wireless and take advantage of new mobility applications and devices. ZoneFlex overcomes the physical and technical challenges unique to healthcare industries.

The ZoneFlex system focuses and directs its Wi-Fi signals over the best path, continually steering wireless signals around obstacles and interference. The result is a wireless network that minimizes packet loss, extends signal range and ensures more consistent performance at longer distances.

Ready To Feed Your Inner Techie?

Check out this short demonstration of how TechCentral’s new wireless solution, powered by Ruckus, provides the best signal strength and reliability for your practice.

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Wi-Fi access must reach every nook and cranny of an office setting, overcoming physical barriers and distances that impede coverage and limit availability. With a TechCentral solution in place, our customers get “wire-like” reliability and great coverage for a better wireless experience.

Originally published in Dentrix eNews. Used with permission of Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

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