The HOPE Award — Bobby King — Lifepoint Dental Partners

Published on October 15, 2015

The HOPE Award – Bobby King, Practice Manager, Lifepoint Dental PartnersBobby King

“Helping Others Perform Effectively”

Bobby King graduated from Minnesota State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management and join the Lifepoint Dental Partners Team in Des Moines, Iowa as a Practice Manager in 2013, “I enjoy working with staff and our patients on a daily basis. It’s extremely rewarding to watch the patient experience from beginning to end; when patients complete their treatment, they leave happier and more confident. Being part of this process is the most rewarding part of my job.”

When it comes to managing different personalities, Bobby makes a conscious effort to adapt his management style to meet each team member’s specific needs, “I take a calm and collective approach and I’ve found that this helps keep others relaxed and focused.” Bobby says that stressful moments on the job are inevitable but it’s how you approach them that determine a productive outcome, “Every situation can be put in two categories, either a red light or green light. Red light is a negative approach and can turn into a high-stress situation and green light is a positive approach and where you can go with the flow and remain focused. I always say ‘stay in the green!’”

The Lifepoint Dental Partners team is staying in the green since working with Straine Consulting, “I really enjoy the culture we’ve created. Working with Straine has helped everyone become more engaged and changed the way everyone thinks. We’re all on the same page and it’s fun to come to work.”

Straine Practice Development Coach Lee Ann Burke says she nominated Bobby for The HOPE Award because of his exceptional leadership skills and his willingness to help others grow, “He exemplifies the leadership qualities by modeling the behaviors he wants to see from his team. His positive attitude inspires his team to make strategy everyone’s job.” Bobby says he’s inspired by the knowledge he’s received from working with Straine, “My phone calls with Lee Ann help me stay focused. We start by looking at the small things and in this process we are tackling bigger issues. The policies and procedures we’ve implemented make everything black and white so as a team we avoid any gray area of confusion. Thanks to Straine my job is steady and easier and the practice avoids chaos. Structure is truly a great thing!”

Bobby King, Practice Manager
Lifepoint Dental Partners
1903 EP True Pkwy
West Des Moines, IA 50265

The HOPE Award recipient is the personification and spirit of hope and expects with confidence that others will passionately commit their hearts and hands in serving the organization: “While I breathe, I hope.”

The recipient:

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