The HOPE Award — LeeAnn Stebbins — Jeffrey S. Mader, DDS

Published on December 9, 2015

The HOPE Award – LeeAnn Stebbins, Office Manager, Jeffrey S. Mader, DDS “Helping Others PerformLee Ann Stebbins Effectively”

In 2005 LeeAnn was hired as Office Manager at the Jeffrey S. Mader, DDS practice in South Bend, Indiana, “I consider myself a fair manager and don’t believe in micromanaging people as I prefer to lead by example.” LeeAnn has a passion for working in a team environment and for interacting with patients, “I love the face-to-face relationship I have with patients who come into our practice. I care about their well-being and enjoy helping them work through the process of receiving treatment. The trust our patients place in me is extremely rewarding and gratifying.”

LeeAnn says it may sound strange, she also finds the unexpected events that occur rewarding, “Nothing is predictable in a dental practice and each day is never the same. I love these challenges.  When I think of facing a challenge, I think ‘hold on and let’s go for a ride!’”  One of LeeAnn’s greatest strengths is her ability to follow through on every task, “I’m always busy so I have to prioritize, I always start with patients first then work down the list.”

Straine Consultant Paul Smith nominated LeeAnn for The HOPE Award because of her ability to connect with patients, “LeeAnn is the best treatment coordinator in the business. Her ability to help patients accept and find ways to pay for needed treatment is unmatched in my opinion.” LeeAnn says that working with Straine has helped move the practice to greater heights, “Dr. Mader has a clear vision and knows where he is going and it’s extremely helpful to have Straine on our team.  If there is an issue, Paul helps push the solution along.  He really is a great sounding board!”

Jeffrey S. Mader, DDS
17490 SR 23
South Bend, IN 46635

The HOPE Award recipient is the personification and spirit of hope and expects with confidence that others will passionately commit their hearts and hands in serving the organization: “While I breathe, I hope.”

The recipient:

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