The HOPE Award – Tamara Hedrick, Office Manager, Dr. Arthur Rex Jenkins

Published on May 5, 2017

The HOPE Award – Tamara Hedrick, Office Manager, Dr. Arthur Rex Jenkins

“Helping Others Perform Effectively”

“I love helping patients and mentoring team members to become the best they can be,” Tamara Hedrick says when describing what she enjoys most about being an Office Manager at Dr. Arthur Jenkins practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For the past eight years Tamara has been an important part of the General and Implant Dentistry team, “I’m very patient and make an effort to be strategic when it comes to solving problems.  I am also approachable with team members and our patients.”

One of Tamara’s greatest challenges is providing team members with constructive criticism, “It’s not always easy redirecting people. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I always try to mix in positive praise.”

“A leader’s job is not to do the work for others, it’s to help others figure out how to do it themselves, to get things done, and to succeed far beyond what they thought possible,” which is a quote by Simon Sinek that Tamara says describes how she views her role as Office Manager and her interaction with team members.

Tamara is grateful that she had an incredible mentor when she entered the dental industry twenty-four years ago, “My manager Pauline was the hardest working and strongest woman that I had ever met. I admired her confidence and kind demeanor and how she was so passionate and dedicated to her career.  As a young girl, I aspired to becoming a woman and leader like Pauline.  Many years later, I nominated Pauline for an “Outstanding Women in Dentistry” award and she was selected.  Today I am honored to receive the Straine HOPE Award because that means Pauline’s legacy lives on through me, as a leader and role model, and I take this seriously for the wonderful women on my dental team, in addition to my two beautiful daughters.”

Tamara credits Straine for helping the practice become more systematic, “We’ve become more organized and focused on our goals and better able to overcome challenges.” Straine Practice Development Coach Kathy Diamond says she nominated Tamara for the HOPE Award because she’s resilient, optimistic and willing to do what it takes to succeed in her role as Office Manager.  Kathy says “Tamara takes our recommendations and immediately implements them with her team.  It is obvious she really cares about everyone and the success of the practice.”

Dr. Arthur Jenkins echoes the same sentiment, “Tamara has been a committed implementer of Straine recommendations and has been my confident, supporter and advisor during this process. Tamara’s allegiance to me and the practice has been unparalleled in my career and it never ceases to amaze me her ability to filter through the information and protocols Straine recommends and still have a handle on all her other responsibilities to the practice.  My wife and I both admire her allegiance, support and protective nature toward all of us as she leads the team through example.  Tamara’s good nature and steadfastness is revered by all who know her.  I have been in the USN reserves for over 30 years and retired as a O-6/ Captain and written many fitness reports on sailors and junior officers, I can say unequivocally that Tamara is a 4-0 sailor, and deserves all the recognition that the Straine Hope Award deems. Tamara Hedrick is my friend, confidant and valued employee.”

Tamara Hedrick, Office Manager
Dr. Arthur Rex Jenkins, General and Implant Dentistry
836 First Colonial Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

The HOPE Award recipient is the personification and spirit of hope and expects with confidence that others will passionately commit their hearts and hands in serving the organization: “While I breathe, I hope.”

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