iLead w/Straine — Your Future Doesn’t Have To Be Determined By Fate!

Published on April 26, 2013

Bright Future AheadThe numbers don’t lie. You can create a predictable and profitable future by reviewing your numbers every day. CEOs who commit to accurate and timely reporting know where they stand, and know where they’re going. We call the present a gift because we are given this amazing opportunity to actually change our future, today … through awareness, accurate thinking, and accountability. Yet too many people allow “fate” to determine their future, procrastinating away their point of power, which is the present, for another time in the future, then another, and so on. This displacement in time may come to a point where nothing can be done, or even if something can be done, actions become hopelessly ineffective.

S-O-S: During every weekly staff meeting determine if each provider is scheduled to goal in the next two weeks. If not, time is of the essence! Everyone must be focused on one task, which is to fill the schedule with a sense of urgency! Identify and call:
• Scheduled patients with pending treatment who can be moved up in the schedule.
• Unscheduled patients with pending treatment who can be reactivated.
• Patients with periodontal disease who are not scheduled for the appropriate procedure.
• Patients who have missed an appointment.
• Family members of patients not yet seen by your practice.
It is essential to have accurate and timely information available for your review at all times. Replace procrastination with discipline and become the creator of a predictable and profitable future.


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