Straine Consulting Services are carefully crafted to deliver superior results based on your unique vision and values.

The Straine Management System™ provides structure for your leadership, foundation for your business management systems, and discipline and accountability for your staff. It is precise and practical, and yields immediate, measurable results.

Steps To Success


Month-To-Month Relationship

We do not obligate you for a year-long or greater commitment. It is our strong belief in the abilities of our team that allows us to offer a month-to-month agreement. You can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice –yet few clients do, precisely because we help them attain their goals. They stay and succeed, because the systems we teach and monitor yield results. While your head is down being the productive dentist you are trained to be, our heads are up –offering solutions to the many issues you and your team face each day.

As a Straine client you will have the opportunity to tap into the cumulative knowledge of thousands of dental practices across the country –complemented by the skills and expertise of the best consulting team in the nation. No other company offers services of this kind at this price, and none can approach our level of staff support.

Your Own Consultant

Straine Consultants analyze the clinical, administrative, behavioral, and economic components of a practice and make recommendations understanding and taking responsibility for the consequences of the recommendations and the impact that the recommendations will have on the practice, its owner, its staff, and its patients.

Your Own Practice Development Coach

Straine Practice Development Coaches purpose is to assist the Client implement and execute recommendations made by the Consultant and agreed to by the Client. This is achieved through weekly phone calls, commitment, collaboration and cooperation. The Practice Development Coach conducts each meeting with a previously agreed upon agenda. The primary goal of each meeting is to create clarity and purpose and move the Client into action. Our services accelerate the Client’s progress by providing focus, feedback and accountability.